The ARRL Centennial Celebration in 2014

The ARRL 2014 CentennialIn 2014 the ARRL is celebrating 100 years of the Science of Radio. In 1914 the ARRL was founded as the national organization for Amateur Radio. Now, with more than 160,000 members the ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateurs worldwide.

Join the Centennial Celebration in Hartford, CT from July 17th to July 19th which will host Forums, exhibits, a flea market, keynotes and more. To find out more about the Centennial Celebration go here.

The ARRL Centennial is also hosting a year-long QSO Party that celebrates hams meeting hams worldwide. Make new contacts and meet new friends. The Centennial QSO Party is comprised of two activities. W1AW will be operating portable from each state and  most US territories. There will also be a Points Challenge made by collecting valid contacts throughout the year. Logs will be submitted via the Logbook of the World System. Find out more about the Centennial QSO Party here.

Links To More Information About the Centennial Celebration:

The Centennial Events and Programs pdf

The ARRL Centennial Program Handout pdf

Japan’s Ham Radio Ops Provide Relief

The 8.9 earthquake near Sendai, Japan on March 11th, has caused the people of this island nation to struggle each day for their survival and with their recovery efforts. This earthquake has been noted as the worst in 140 years. As a result, the side effects of such an unprecedented earthquake is the tsunami, rolling power outages, lack of the basic human needs and the potential for a nuclear accident.

While phone and internet server are available in most parts of the country, the IARU and the JARL has asked that the7.030Mhz frequency be kept clear for emergency use. Other requested frequencies to be kept clear are: 3.525, 7.030, 7.077, 7.087, 7.097, 14.100, 21.200 and 28.200 MHz.

Japan Earthquake March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake March 11, 2011

JA1RL, the JARL HQ station, along with many other amateurs are providing disaster relief operations wherever possible. The less damaged areas are getting their power restored and amateurs in those areas have set up stations and shelters. Other amateurs are using batteries and small generators to provide support to the disaster relief and rescue operations in the areas most affected by the disaster.


For more on how radio amateurs in Japan are providing communications support after earthquake, click here. For information on how US amateurs are helping out, click here. For more on how Japan, Hawaii and the Western US dealt with the immediate aftereffects of the earthquake and tsunami, click here.


First Half of 2010 Sees Upswing in New Amateur Radio Licenses

Ham Radio License

Get Your Ham Radio License

With more than 18,000 new Amateur Radio licenses issued in the first half of this year — 18, 270 to be exact — 2010 is shaping up to be a banner year for Amateur Radio. So far, the number of new licenses issued by the FCC in 2010 is outpacing the January-June 2009 totals by almost 8.5 percent; at this time last year, the FCC had issued 16,844 new licenses.

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ARRL Continuing Education Course

from The ARRL Letter on April 8, 2010

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Registration remains open through Sunday, April 25, 2010, for these online course sessions beginning on Friday, May 7, 2010: Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 1; Antenna Modeling; Radio Frequency Interference; Antenna Design and Construction; Propagation; Analog Electronics, and Digital Electronics. To learn more, visit the CEP Course Listing page or contact the Continuing Education Program Coordinator


The ARRL Letter

ARRL Sends Ham Aid To Haiti

Even though the communications infrastructure in earthquake-ravaged Haiti is being rebuilt, there is still need for Amateur Radio communications. To assist in this effort, the ARRL’s Ham-Aid program is providing equipment for local amateurs to use.

On Friday, January 22, the League sent a programmed Yaesu VHF repeater with a microphone, as well as ICOM handheld transceivers, Yaesu mobile 2 meter rigs with power supplies and Kenwood mobile 2 meter rigs. Comet antennas, Larsen mobile antennas with magnet mounts, coax and batteries were also included in the package that was shipped to the home of the President of the Radio Club Dominicano (RCD) for distribution. All items were donated by their manufacturers.

“In the horror of this tragedy, there still are stars and the cooperation between the ARRL, IARU Region 2 and the Radio Club Dominicano and has been bright,” said ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP .
“It was donations from our members and friends that began the Ham Aid program in Katrina’s aftermath. Now once again, that sharing between hams will provide help in another worst-case incident. ARRL members and donors need to know that their gifts will be used very well indeed.”

How You Can Help in Haiti

The ARRL Ham Aid Fund welcomes your contribution! In 2005, the ARRL established the Ham Aid Fund to accept contributions in support of Amateur Radio’s response to Hurricane Katrina and hams responded generously to help ARRL send equipment to the affected area.

“Now we are facing another devastating event in Haiti and Amateur Radio is ready to respond,” said ARRL Chief Development Officer Mary Hobart, K1MMH .
“With equipment contributed by our generous industry partners, the ARRL invites contributions to the Ham Aid Fund from hams who wish to help ARRL deploy equipment where it is needed most. Contributions from Amateur Radio clubs and individuals in any amount will go directly to supporting Amateur Radio’s response efforts in Haiti.”

Donations to the ARRL Ham Aid Fund can be made via

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